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A Black Bean Noodle Tradition


Black bean noodles, also known as jjajang noodles or jjajangmyun, is a popular dish and flavor found in Eastern Asia. Made with a thick black bean paste, the dish has taken off, and is now a mainstay flavor in many different ramen packages. 

A fun tradition happens in Korea once a year on April 14. It's sort of a Valentines Day—-but for singles! It's called Black Day, and single ladies and gents will go out and dine on Jjajang noodles! It's quite exciting, as you'll pass by many people in street cafe's with black bean stains on their mouths. 

Single or not, this flavor is definitely worth trying! We have lots of different jjajang ramen noodles that you can discover, so you too can feel like a single on a spring Korean day.


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