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Instant Noodles—They're Bigger Than You Think

Most people may not have known this, but instant noodle is one of the core elements within the everyday culinary culture of Asia. Here in the US, most of us know instant noodles as Top Ramen, or the common cup noodles we find in grocery stores. But in Asia, instant noodle is life; it's the most accessible treat that's both satisfying and gratifying at the same time.

In many parts of Asia, where work and life intermingle within a fast-pace arena, instant noodle becomes a quick go-to meal for many, creating a demand for better quality instant noodles that can be stored, easily portable, and almost comparable, if not close, to home-cooked noodles made by grandmas in Asian suburbia. Before long, instant noodle comes in flavors and substance that can be found in restaurant menus. Today, you can order a bowl of NongShim Shin Ramyun on the streets of South Korea, or a plate of Indomie Mi Goreng from the hawker stalls in Malaysia and Singapore, all garnished to the nines.

Asian instant noodle is not just a packet of cheap instant food; it comes from a people who celebrate food and life in the most peculiar yet evolving way—fast, quick, and addictively delicious. It's something much bigger that what we used to know, and now that we know, let's all eat a bowl of instant noodle to celebrate that thing we call life, and with joy and gusto, too, of course!

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