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Mango Coconut Boba Recipe

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The summer heat is here! Enjoy a cooling and indulgent Mango Coconut Boba at home, made with our Boba Kit!

Mango Coconut Boba

Yield: 1 cup

¼ cup Boba (From our Boba Kit)
2 tbsp Black Sugar Syrup (From our Boba Kit)
¾ cup frozen mangos
½ cup coconut milk
1 boba straw 
(From our Boba Kit)


1. Boil 500ml water, cook boba for 5 mins.

2. While boba cooks, blend mangos and coconut milk in mixer or food processor until smooth.

3. Scoop out boba into serving cup/glass. Rinse with cold water to cool boba. Drain all water. Mix boba with black sugar syrup.

4. Pour mango coconut smoothie onto boba. Add boba straw and stir. Enjoy!

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