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You Ask, We Deliver


This has been an exciting week for us! From the very beginning, our team here at Noodelight has wanted to offer our customers the ability to order a complete mystery box, filled with monthly favorites, hidden gems, and brand new products! We have also heard from many of you guys your want and desire for a pre-made ramen box. Now, we will be introducing the first Noodelight exclusive product: the noo-noo Sampler Box

At $30 with NO shipping charge, the noo-noo Sampler Box will contain at least 12 different ramen pack varieties. We ensure each box will have a diverse array of flavors, including some of our most popular items, as well as lesser-known items we think deserve a try. The crazy thing? Every single Sampler will be very different from each other, with a different range of flavors, noodle type, and heat. 

The purpose of the Noo-Noo Sampler Box is so that you may enjoy the excitement and wonder of a mystery box, as well as be introduced to the diversity and flavors of Asian culture. The Sampler will be the perfect gift for a friend. Or enjoy the delight of the Sampler for yourself—we won't judge. 

If you have anymore questions about our noo-noo Sampler boxes, send us an email, or slide into our social media messages. 

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