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About Us

Our Mission

We deliver the unique and diverse flavors of ramen, right to your doorstep.

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We're a group of young instant noodle enthusiasts from Utah, who believe all good things should start with a bowl of hot, savory noodles. Here at Noodelight, ramen and noodles are, undeniably, our passion.

We’ve seen what a bowl of ramen can do—from filling stomachs, to warming hearts, and so much more. And we believe everyone should experience that goodness for themselves, right in their own home.

When we talk ramen, we aren’t talking about Top Ramen; we’re actually talking about those crazy delicious instant noodles from all the gazillion corners of Asia, a specialty you might not ever find in a store close to you. Which is why we’re delivering. And delivery is on us! Consider Noodelight the one source you can trust when it comes to instant noodles; in other words, treat us like your very own instant noodle station.

We value our customers more than anything else, because our experience starts with you and the adventures you take with our ramen. Now without much ado, upward, onward, and noodle on!